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The Long Day Closes
Directed by Terence Davies



The Denial of Death
Ernest Becker



Leaves of Grass
Walt Whitman

Quote of the Day

“The philosopher and the poet are “unbourgeois” in so far as they preserve a deep and strong sense of wonder, and this fact naturally exposes them to the danger of losing their foothold in the everyday world. Indeed it might almost be said that “to be a stranger in this world” is their occupational disease. ... Wonder, however, does not make a man “able” — it means, after all, to be profoundly moved and “shaken”. And those who undertake to live under the sign and constellation “wonder” ... must certainly be prepared to find themselves lost, at times, in the ordinary workaday world. The man to whom everything is an occasion of wonder will simply forget to use these things in a workaday way.”

– Joseph Pieper