Jonathan Simons

  • Tracklist
  • Introduction
  • Soldiers of a Kind
  • The Love Troll
  • Body Down
  • Predator
  • Crystal Blue
  • Mind Games
  • Maybe Rainfall

Through the Walls

Original Release: December 1999 (Skyscape)

LP / CD / Digital

Through the Walls, originally released in 1999 by Skyscape Records, has developed a niche following in the states as well as in the UK and Europe. Jon recorded the album during a six week spell of complete solitude, using old analog gear and without the help of comptuers or samplers.

Through the Walls starts out like a movie, with sounds of a person coming home from a day’s work, fixing a drink, starting up a record, and relaxing in a favorite chair.The disk ends with the rumbling sounds of the sea. What lies in-between is a surreal journey through Jon’s creative mind. In this record, Jon fuses sparse and sometimes melancholic folk guitar structures, lush orchestrations, and dreamlike harmonies.

In March of 2013, one of Europe’s finest mastering engineers, TimYoung (Metropolis, London), painstakingly remastered the record from the original analog mix tapes. The re-mastered album enables Analog Sea to release audiophile quality, 180g vinyl pressings, along with high-resolution downloads, and CD.

Liner Notes

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Jon Simons during a six week spell of isolation.

Recorded on an analog, 8-track, reel-to-reel recorder without the use of computers or samplers.

Mixed by Mark Hallman at Congress House, Austin (1999).

Remastered from the original analog tapes by Tim Young at Metropolis, London (2013). Photography by Julia Robinson. Design by Jon Simons and Brook Sefton.

  • Tracklist
  • Sting Called Life
  • Raindrop Collector
  • Dreamless Town
  • Round and Round
  • Can You See Trees?
  • Inside Closed Eyes
  • Tell the Boy
  • Here for a Minute
  • Like the Rain
  • From the Flood

Seemingly Dreamingly

Not Currently Available

Released November

2002 Antara Records

Released in 2002 by Boulder’s Antara Records, Seemingly Dreamingly is Jon’s second album of music. Expanding upon the sparse solitude of his previous record, here Jon assembled some of Austin’s finest musicians, including Joshua Zarbo (from Spoon), Tim Dittmar (Bo Bud Green), Laura Phelan (Golden Arm Trio), and more.

A lush orchestra of elements including cello, vibraphone, and vintage keys, along with Jon’s delicate vocals and finger-style guitar work, Seemingly Dreamingly brings forth a gentle space of slowness, poetry, and beauty.

Liner Notes

Jon Simons: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Drums, Percussion, and more.
Joshua Zarbo: Bass Guitar
Tim Dittmar: Drums
Chelsea Lewis: Backing Vocals
Laura Phelan:Vibraphone
Michal Raizen: Cello

All words and music written by Jon Simons
Produced and engineered by Jon Simons in various apartments and at The Congress House Studio (Austin,TX)
Assistant engineering by Ned Stewart
Mixed by Mark Hallman and Jon Simons at The Congress House Studio